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Senior Back End Developer (node.js)

Job Type:

Full Time

About the Role

The hiring company is an analytics and business insights company focused on pricing analytics.
Company was established 3 years ago and has already won important long-term contracts with blue chip (huge corporations) companies in Europe, currently expanding to Germany, France and Poland.
Company focuses on acquiring data on the web, processing it and extracting business insights that are highly valuable for biggest corporations. It operates 3 products, 2 of them are ML/AI based applications.
Although it has been doubling revenue every year since the start, they managed to keep their team small (5-10 people), flat hierarchy and without bureaucracy.
This way you can have a 100% focus on getting work done in a way that is modern and reasonable from an engineering point of view.
You will report to the cofounder and CTO of the company, who previously has been a system architect at a global company specializing on democratizing user’s payroll data with automated permission-first solutions. You will surely have a lot to learn.

What will you do:
Work on data management solutions (70%):
• Data normalization solutions
• Data storage and retrieval
• Data analytics solutions
• Data and processing infrastructure management/DevOps

Data gathering and capturing (scraping) (30% of work)

Technical stack

Core system: Node.js and Typescript
APIs: Nest.js
Database: mysql/mariadb
dedicated servers cluster, integrated with docker swarm, portainer for management.
ChatGPT integrations, vector DB: milvus.
Queue management: bullmq
Supervision: sentry + datadog + influxdb
Front end: nextjs


• At least 4 years of commercial full-time software engineering experience, 5+ years is preferred.
• Be comfortable with NODE (BONUS typescript knowledge/experience).
• Good understanding of server side and infrastructure
• Good SQL knowledge
• Hacky mentality – making things work, even if there is no obvious way.
• Focus on getting work done by the deadline set.
• Ability to deliver work independently.
• Good spoken and written English

• Algorithm knowledge, data management process design
• Any experience with large amounts of different data that needs to be unified.
• System architecture design understanding
• Experience with a proxy tool, i.e. mitmproxy
• Scraping experience (a bit more in depth than using Scrapy)
• Know more efficient techniques than headless browser.
• Experience with mobile app scraping
• Experience in using ML/AI for data normalization and forecasting.

What we offer

• Work for a fast-growing European company with a global reach
• Work directly under a talented and friendly CTO
• Salary range 100.000 - 200.000+ BDT, depending on your seniority and expertise level.
• Work from home.

Recruitment process

1. Optional - Intro call (informal, 20 min.)
2. Coding challenge
3. Interview with CTO of the company
4. Decision

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