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Find a remote IT job. Hire remote IT specialists.

Looking for a remote IT job?

  • EastNetic creats a bridge between European IT companies and Bangladeshi specialists.

  • We focus on interesting projects, good engineering environments and good work-life balance.

How it works

Get a remote IT job through EastNetic

1st step

2nd step

3rd step

4th step

5th step

You submit your CV or LinkedIn profile

Join intro call

Do task or submit portfolio

Selected candidates join the technical call

Hiring decision. Contract signing.

We work with

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Current IT position openings

Check out positions we offer and choose the one to explore

node.js developer/Data engineer/DevOps

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Eastnetic Client (Confidential)

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Sayem Java developer


Java developer

I really like the straightforwardness of communication and work environment at EastNetic. I've been working here for more than a year and I'm very much happy with the flexibility and definitely enjoying to work here. Highly recommended.

Partharaj PHP developer


PHP developer

Eastnetic opened a new window for my career. It's an amazing experience working with a renowned international client company staying at home. Eastnetic helped me to make it possible.

Abu Bakar MERN developer

Abu Bakar

MERN developer

What I love about Eastnetic is that they offer long-term opportunities to work for amazing, mission-driven EU companies with a good salary.


Frequently asked questions about a remote job
  • Is there a big language and communication barrier?
    During the recruitment screening and selection process we focus on candidates that can speak English well enough and have good general communication skills. As a client you always have a final say if selected candidate communication abilities are good enough.
  • How good are the candidates' technical skills?
    Candidates skills are checked during the screening and validated during the in depth technical evaluation. Candidates who are below expectations are rejected. As a client you always have a final say if you feel the candidate suits you or he/she is not good enough.
  • I heard specialists from country X are irresponsible and have weak technical skills?
    There are strong and weak specialists all over the world. The key is screening, evaluation and selection. As you are in control and always have a final say, you will use the services as long as you are happy with the result. We have gathered a lot of experience and we will be happy to assist you in every step as we will only succeed when our clients will.
  • How about the time difference?
    We recruit specialists on condition that they will work in sync with the client team for 4-6 hours per day. From our experience we see that this is more than enough for absolutely most of the cases
  • Does remote work with people from other cultures create a lot of issues and misunderstandings?
    It depends on your company work processes and how well candidates are matched to your company culture and expectations. Usually best results are achieved if the work process is clear, structured and tasks/expectations are clear enough before they are handed to the remote specialists. OR if we hire for, test for and select specifically people who can handle ambiguity well, have significant remote work experience in the required domain and can deliver great results despite ambiguous inputs.
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