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We recruit remote developers for you

We find and prescreen, you choose. 
Hire faster, grow faster, save costs along the way.

We'll solve the paperwork, so you don't have to.

It is worth to choose us

Big Talent Pool

Expand your hiring horizon beyond your city and country. 


More talent means more choice. More choice means better quality specialists working for you.


More available talent means filling in all these open positions much faster than locally. 

Cost Saving

We specialize in recruitment in talent rich yet low cost locations. This enables average savings of 30-50% from your local costs.

How it works

Hire remote IT specialists through EastNetic

1st step

2nd step

3rd step

4th step

You share the target job description

We provide you the candidates

You evaluate (task, interview) the candidates

We fix the paperwork and logistics for your chosen candidates.

Meet some of our clients

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IT specialists who work with us

Sample developer profiles

Python developer │ Sazzadur

Sazzadur joined us nearly 2 years ago for an ad-tech startup company. He has 7 years of experience in software engineering. Although he focuses on Python, he also feels comfortable in PHP and happy to craft and occasional front end with any of the most popular Javascript based frameworks such as React or Angular. He started his career in working for several local Bangladeshi companies, then spend number of years remotely working for a California based startup.

MERN stack developer │ Abu

Abu joined us part-time few years back, impressed us with his performance during his part-time role so we have invited him to join full time. He graduated his B. Sc in Computer Science with exceptional grades, in his career worked on technologies such as PHP, Python, Java, C# in several local companies before settling on MERN stack. Before joining us, he spend several years developing software for an a USA based technology company.

Java developer │ Sayem

Sayem works with us for over a year for a GovTech company. He has 8 years of experience crafting software. He started as Android developer and then moved on to Enterprise Java solution development. Before joining EastNetic he worked for several well known local companies.

PHP developer │ Partharaj

Parharaj joined us roughly half a year ago to work for a global SaaS company. He has graduated his B. Sc in Computer Science with very strong grades, worked on Java, Android and Laravel in his career of 7+ years. In additional to his professional software engineering career, he has also been a guest lecturer in the university, teaching software engineering topics.

Romas Juskevicius CEO & Founder at Sixads.jfif

EastNetic were able to find strong and independent Python developers much quicker and for significantly lower cost than locally.

Romas Juskevicius

CEO & Founder at Sixads

EastNetic helped us to build several teams of various competences, including several exceptional software engineers.

Mindaugas Zagorskirs Founder/CEO at Pipelinepharma.jfif

Mindaugas Zagorskis

Founder/CEO at Pipelinepharma

Good developers hired fast. Hassle free process.

Edgaras Vaitkevičius CEO/Founder at Sender.jfif

Edgaras Vaitkevičius

CEO/Founder at Sender


Frequently asked questions about hiring a remote developer
  • Is there a big language and communication barrier?
    During the recruitment screening and selection process we focus on candidates that can speak English well enough and have good general communication skills. As a client you always have a final say if selected candidate communication abilities are good enough.
  • How good are the candidates' technical skills?
    Candidates skills are checked during the screening and validated during the in depth technical evaluation. Candidates who are below expectations are rejected. As a client you always have a final say if you feel the candidate suits you or he/she is not good enough.
  • I heard specialists from country X are irresponsible and have weak technical skills?
    There are strong and weak specialists all over the world. The key is screening, evaluation and selection. As you are in control and always have a final say, you will use the services as long as you are happy with the result. We have gathered a lot of experience and we will be happy to assist you in every step as we will only succeed when our clients will.
  • How about the time difference?
    We recruit specialists on condition that they will work in sync with the client team for 4-6 hours per day. From our experience we see that this is more than enough for absolutely most of the cases
  • Does remote work with people from other cultures create a lot of issues and misunderstandings?
    It depends on your company work processes and how well candidates are matched to your company culture and expectations. Usually best results are achieved if the work process is clear, structured and tasks/expectations are clear enough before they are handed to the remote specialists. OR if we hire for, test for and select specifically people who can handle ambiguity well, have significant remote work experience in the required domain and can deliver great results despite ambiguous inputs.
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