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Mid-level scraping specialist (node.js based)

Job Type:

Full Time

About the Role

Imum ( is a data collection (scraping) and analytics company focused on pricing. We are a small and growing company always looking for talent. Our team lives in a learning and “get job done” environment, where teaching and learning is combined with focus on finishing our projects.

Our product has been running commercially successfully for >2 years collecting data valuable to our clients. Core engine is designed to deal with any portal, any industry and has standard interface for integrations. Easy to add new integrations within 1 day.

Technical stack


• Be comfortable with NODE (BONUS typescript knowledge/experience)
• Experience with a proxy tool, i.e. mitmproxy
• Scraping experience (a bit more in depth than using Scrapy)
• Know more efficient techniques than headless browser
• BONUS experience with mobile app scraping
• Hacky mentality - we’re a small company so these traits are very valued:
o ability to ask questions and learn from answers
o eagerness to learn about broader business context
• ability to efficiently work alone (this is a remote position after all) and keep regular communication (Slack)
• expressing opinion and objectively challenging tech decisions
• Good English

What we offer

• Work for a European company with a global reach
• Flexible working hours.
• 2x Festive bonus of 50% of salary, annual increment
• Full time salary range 50.000 - 100.000 BDT, depending on your seniority and expertise level

Recruitment process

1. Optional - Intro call (informal, 20 min.)
2. Coding challenge
3. Interview with CTO of the company
4. Decision

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